Seven Artists, Farmers and the Land exhibition, Nov. 15


The Blenkinsop Valley Community Association (BVCA) has a project called Painters in the Valley, where established landscape artists are matched with Blenkinsop Valley farmers to paint scenes on the farms.

A reception is being held on November 15 where the artwork will be displayed and the artists and farmers will be in attendance. The pieces which I have seen are, in my opinion, outstanding.

Seven artists will be exhibited: 

  • Jonathan Gleed (painting shown above)
  • Illarion Gallant
  • Kelly Ketcheson
  • Agnes Ruest
  • Twyla Rusnak
  • Sandy Rossignol
  • Dennis Evans

The Blenkinsop Valley Project Reception will be held at the

Royal Oak Golf Course, 540 Marsett Place

Saturday November 15, 2014 1:00–6:oo pm

Come and meet the Artists and the Farmers

Sponsored by The Blenkinsop Valley Community Association

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