CBRA Board Meeting, Wed, Dec 10, 2014

7pm at Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria BC V8N 1V9

On the agenda:

  • Call to order
  • Old Business
  • Pearce Crescent (Dave G.) 
    There is considerable controversy at SCAN about Pearce Crescent.  It is a piece of property off Blenkinsop Road that was obtained by Saanich and rezoned inappropriately in SCAN’s view.  SCAN wants our support for their resolution regarding this action. Action Item: Dave G. will send the resolution out to board for voting.
  • Report from October SCAN meeting (Dave G.)
  • Approval of November board meeting minutes  (all)
  • Chair’s Report (Eric D.)
  • Treasurer’s Report  (Lyn)
  • November SCAN meeting report (Eric D.)
    The proposed new Liberal legislation regarding the new Society Act (specifically, sections 98 and 99), and Directors Insurance for Community Associations -implications for SLAP lawsuits
  • Application for Front Yard Setback Variance from 7.5 metres to 1.7 metres – 2767 Arbutus Rd.
  • McAnally roadside pruning (Eric D.)
    Implications of the changes in Council for Associations such as ours (Dave G.)
  • Charrette
    Should we stick with the existing date in January?  How to rustle up attendees recognizing that it will deal with more than just the village businesses?
  • Other New Business

Meeting adjourned

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