US Navy EIS deadline 2nd Feb

Hello CBRA,
Thank you for giving us Murray Rankin’s comments on the CBRA Newsletter.
For lack of time, I am simply copying an email I sent to Saanich Mayor and Council yesterday. People have until 2nd Feb (approximately 2 weeks) to comment on the fourth US Navy Environmental Impact Study:

As you may know The US Navy Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has been divided into four parts. Although the deadlines for the first three parts are now closed, the fourth part is still open until Monday 2nd February and deals with the Northwest Training and Testing zone which will increase the use of sonar and explosives in an area that includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the waters off Indian Island and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

People both in the U.S. and here in British Columbia are concerned that the sonar and explosives will be harmful for our resident orca whales and other marine life. 

There is also the issue of the fighter jets apparently dumping toxic fuel with metal particles over the Salish Sea. It is said the fuel evaporates before reaching the ocean, but not so the toxic metal particles which end up in the water. 
It would be helpful if you would give any concerns you may have about the sonar and explosives at the following link to the EIS in question: (it’s tricky to find the form but it is there!! One can just give your name and email address).

Thank you in advance for you consideration of this matter.

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