Active Transportation Dialogue on Douglas Corridor/Uptown planned

From the Mt. View/Colquitz Community Association:

Hosting the Galloping Goose Trail and other parts of the Saanich trail system, Swan Lake, Swan Creek and Colquitz Creek as well as the Saanich Core, Mount View Colquitz could be a perfect neighbourhood from which to connect to large parks, transit, major retail, work and business services within a comfortable walking or cycling distance of home.


Currently, the quality of the “biped” (bicycle/pedestrian) experience in the area is low and active transportation is confined to the dedicated few because the neighbourhoods are surrounded and bisected by important arterials that:

  • Are poorly connected with the cyclist/pedestrian system
  • Have few safe crossing points
  • Have few cycling/pedestrian facilities
  • Are unsafe and poorly signed for pedestrians or cyclists

Toward Solution:

An Active Transportation Dialogue event for the Douglas Corridor/Uptown areas invites:

  • residents
  • cyclists
  • pedestrians
  • planners
  • transportation officials
  • property owners
  • citizens who live, work or travel through this area

To consider the Uptown-Douglas Corridor area as a regional asset.

To deliberate how to make active transportation in the area safe, accessible, appealing, connected, direct, convenient and easy to find and use (realize principles of the CRD pedestrian and cycling master plan).

To identify preferred walking and cycling routes, and other needed measures to promote active travel.


SATURDAY, FEB 21, 2015  9am-4 pm


813 Darwin Ave, Victoria BC


Pedestrian/cyclist experience in the area can be improved at low cost while transit and vehicular traffic benefits from increased safety, flow and efficiency.

Recommendations from the event will be forwarded to Saanich Planning, BC Ministry of Transportation, CRD and other relevant agencies to inform discussions during the Local Area, BC Transit and other planning processes.

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