The Value of Our Association

Chair’s note to all residents, before the AGM:

It is
important for Cadboro Bay residents, individually or collectively, to have an
avenue through which they can speak up for their interests.

Saanich Council is there to serve this purpose, it is difficult for a large
municipality to be agile enough to respond to the needs of the many distinct
communities within its boundaries.  For
this reason, our community association is an extremely important conduit to
Mayor & Council.

Associations have great potential with broad mandates, inclusive approaches,
and long-range visions.  Our most recent
challenges include development proposals and beach closures.   We are also involved in welcoming new
residents and fostering a greater sense of community.

My thanks
to the members of the CBRA Executive Committee who selflessly spend many hours
working toward these goals for all residents.

invite you to become a member of our organization; to join with so many
individuals who are passionate about retaining our community’s unique features,
improving the quality of our services, and our lives.  

At the Annual General Meeting on May 13th, all current
Board Members shall automatically retire but remain eligible for
re-election. In accordance with our bylaws, “a person so elected shall be a member in good standing and must be present at the meeting at which the election takes place.”  So if you wish to nominate a CBRA member for election, or stand for election yourself, make sure your membership fees are up to date, and be present at the meeting. 

See you at the AGM on May 13th. 

– Eric Dahli

Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association 

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