CBRA Board meeting, June 10


  1. Call to order 
  2. Approval of April 8, 2015 board meeting minutes  5 min. 7:05 
  3. Old Business:
    1. Saanich standing committees 
    2. Re: Saanich adopt Victoria model for relationship with community associations
    3. Bacterial counts in Cadboro Bay  
    4. Shrink-wrapping Telus and Hydro utility boxes against graffiti 
    5. CARSA opening May 4th.  
    6. Request from Karen Hurley to co-sponsor a film and talk on the impact of Telus micro cell towers.  
    7. Connecting villages in Victoria
    8. CBRA supports the need for changes in regard to the BVCA proposal  on Pearce Crescent.  
  4. Chair’s report 
  5. Treasurer’s report  
  6. SCAN meeting report  
  7. UVic Liaison Committee meeting report 
  8. Bulletin Board in the Village 
  9. Block Watch 
  10. Committee Streamlining 
  11. Exit survey for former CBRA directors   

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