Saanich Parks: Revised works schedule in Gyro Park


Gary Darrah, Manager of the District of Saanich’s Park Planning & Design
Parks Division has provided us with a a quick update on the upcoming work Saanich Parks will be undertaking in Cadboro Gyro Park: 

The work was supposed to have started and been completed in time for the summer break, but resolution of details concerning the drainage design and reconstruction of the gravel parking lot took longer than expected.

The new scheduled start date is August 10th. The work will consist of:

  1. Rebuilding the gravel parking lot, and installing a drain system with the ability to pump water in times of flooding. This should also help to alleviate flooding in adjacent areas such as the boat storage compound.
  2. Finishing off the main Sinclair entry pathway by removing the old concrete and replacing it with the same asphalt path design that was constructed last year.
  3. Improvements to the roadway entrance off of Sinclair, to create a small turn around and drop off area (part of the parking lot design)
  4. Installation of historical interpretive signage, with a focus on First Nations (We’re hoping to have the Songhees band assist us with research and production design).

During reconstruction the parking lot will be closed. A temporary one will be created in the park and be accessed by turning left off Sinclair when they enter the park. Every reasonable effort will be made to control dust and minimize inconvenience to local residents and park visitors during construction. Project notification and directional signs will be installed a few weeks before the project start date. Project notification letters will also be distributed to residents adjacent to the park. The work is expected to be completed in approximately 8 weeks time barring any unforeseen developments. The work on the First Nations interpretive project will take longer to implement.

Staff are available to answer any questions you may have.


Gary Darrah, MLA, BCSLA

Manager Park Planning and Design
Parks Division
Parks and Recreation Department
District of Saanich
1040 Mckenzie Ave
Victoria BC  V8P 2L4

t. 250-475-5522 ext.5539

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