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Emergency Preparedness: Incident Command Post Orientation, July 21

Kevin Pirie, head of the Cadboro Bay Emergency Preparedness taskforce, writes: 

Just a follow up reminder that this coming Tuesday (July 21st) at 7pm, at the  Cadboro Bay United Church (2625 Arbutus Road), we are conducting an informal “Orientation” on the setup and operation of an Incident Command Post, which would serve as the central command for responding at the local level to a catastrophic event such as a major earthquake in Cadboro Bay.
In the event of a major earthquake, residents of Cadboro Bay should expect minimal municipal or provincial support in the initial 72 to 96 hours after the event.  Therefore, it is incumbent on us to have some basic understanding and preparedness for responding to such an event in a reasonably coherent fashion.
If you can spare an hour this coming Tuesday to come by Orientation, it will be time well spent.
We don’t do this sort of thing very often, so do try to come by if you can.
If you know any other Cadboro Bay area residents that also might be interested please feel free to forward this email or bring them along with you.

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