Saanich: Gyro Park works from Aug 10 to early October

Saanich Parks advises: 

Cadboro Gyro Park – Main Parking Lot and Pathway Improvements

Saanich Parks and Recreation will soon be
undertaking work in Cadboro-Gyro Park.

The start
date is August 10th immediately following Cadboro Bay Fest. As
discussed previously with the Cadboro Bay Residents Association and posted on
their website, the work will consist of: 

  • Rebuilding
    the gravel parking lot and installing a drain system with the ability to pump
    water in times of flooding. This should also help to alleviate flooding in
    adjacent areas such as the boat storage compound.
  • Finishing
    off the main Sinclair entry pathway by removing the old concrete and replacing
    it with the same asphalt path design that was constructed last year.
  • Improvements
    to the roadway entrance off of Sinclair to create a small turn around and drop
    off area.
  • Installation of historical interpretive signage and/or similar feature
    with focus on First Nations 

Crews are expected to be in the park until early
October, however, this schedule is dependent on weather and ground conditions and
may be subject to change.

During construction
the existing parking area will be closed. A temporary parking area will be provided
and accessed by turning left off Sinclair to enter the park. This parking area
will be in place prior to Cadboro Bay Fest. Every reasonable effort will be
made to control dust and minimize inconvenience to local residents and park
visitors during construction. Directional signs will be installed to assist
with the temporary traffic flow. The construction will involve some
machinery and truck movement to and from the park on neighbouring streets. Saanich
staff wish to thank those affected by the construction for their understanding and
patience as we work to improve the park for the benefit of all.

The remainder of the park will be open and
public access to the majority of the park will be provided at all times
throughout construction. On-site workers will assist the public around the
construction areas during working hours, please use extra caution when visiting
the park during this time.

If you have any questions, please contact
Saanich Parks at tel. 475-5522, by email or visit

Yours truly,

Gary Darrah

Manager, Park Planning and Design

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