Saanich Council Meeting on sewage treatment options

CBRA director Bill Dancer reports on the outcome of the Council meeting of July 20, 2015:  

  1. Watkiss Way Sewage Treatment Strategy. This concerned a parcel of privately owned  land on Watkiss Way. At the 22nd June Saanich Council Meeting a motion to forward this parcel of land to the CRD for consideration as a site for the planned treatment system was defeated by a 4 to 5 margin. At this meeting the same request was made and following close to 20 inputs by the public both for and against the request and discussion by council members the motion to forward to CRD was again defeated by the same 4 to 5 margin.
  2. The CRD had asked Saanich Council to allow Sewage Pump Stations sites in the area be included for consideration as feasible sites  for the sewage system. This request in the form of a motion was passed unanimously after a short discussion.
  3. The Director of Engineering had asked to know if any site should be forwarded to the Eastside Committee for consideration as a feasible site for consideration as a site for the sewage system (only one site, on Interurban, was mentioned). After discussion, the motion to forward the Interurban site was defeated by a 3 to 6 margin.

Eric spoke in favour of Item #1, and with regard to Item #2 advised that the Penrhyn Pump Station would not be a suitable site.

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