Saanich: new sidewalks planned in Village

Ivan Leung, P.Eng. Of Saanich’s Transportation Division, advises: 

As part of the District of Saanich’s capital projects for 2015, we are currently in the preliminary design phase for the future installation of a sidewalk on the south side of Cadboro Bay Road, from Sinclair Road continuing east to the Starbucks Coffee by Penrhyn Street.  In addition, a future sidewalk on Penrhyn Street will be installed to connect the existing sidewalk to the end of the Street. 

These works will provide improvements to pedestrian accessibility within the Cadboro Bay Village while also improving accessibility to Gyro Park and the surrounding bus stops.  The proposed works will also improve cyclist accessibility as this portion of Cadboro Bay Road is identified as a Local Connector / Touring Route on the District of Saanich’s Bikeway Network.

Please note that this project is currently in the preliminary phase, but as soon as a concept drawing is available, we will post this on the District of Saanich’s website and provide a copy of the drawing to the Cadboro Bay Residents Association.

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