Summary of meeting of Eastside & CALWMC, July 29.

Bill Dancer reports: 

Here is a brief summary of events at the meeting between the Eastside Committee and the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) on July 29th. I attended both and David (Langley) the 29th meeting only.

On the 28th July, after lengthy robust discussion, the Eastside Committee came up with a short list of sites to forward to the CALWMC as possible sites for inclusion in a Distributive Sewage Treatment System. For our area,  this included a site in the Shelbourne/Gordon Head area with an outfall to Haro Strait.

The CALWMC meeting of the 29th July started at 11:25, preceded by a long in camera session. At the public meeting both East and Westside short lists of possible sites for Distributive sites wer,e debated and agreed.

The Terms of Reference for the Technical Oversight Committee were discussed, and essentially stated that the shortlisted sites would be the primary focus, but that the Oversight Panel would be provided with all work to date. They could also advise on any site not within the shortlist which may provide for a more and less costly solution. In this process it was made clear that a full range of system options should be considered, and that municipal staff involved in waste water should be consulted.

Additionally, the Oversight Panel would be asked to look to private industry for a full range of systems available for sewage treatment.

Other items of note for the Public: On September 17, Architect Bruce Hayden will give a talk on what a sewage site could look like ( nowhere was given but will no doubt be published later). It would appear that Technical and Costing will be completed in October, however, this may be an optimistic forecast, given what is required in these areas. The next Eastside and CALWMC meetings slated for mid-August should shed more light on the timeline.

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