EDPA and Ten Mile Point

Hello Mr. Dahli 

I live on Ten Mile Point and I work with a group called Saanich Citizens for a Responsible EDPA.  

I hope you have heard of the EDPA, but if not, it is a bylaw in Saanich that was passed with minimal consultation in 2012.  It purports to protect our areas of highest biodiversity, but in fact is a land grab by Saanich creating de-facto parks on the properties of private property owners.

One of our team suggested I get in touch with you, as both the chair of the residents association (I live on Tudor, 75% of my property is in the EDPA), and as someone who knows about the BC Assessment and appeals process.

One of our biggest concerns is the potentially huge negative impact such a restrictive bylaw will have on the values of properties affected.  When I contacted BC Assessment they said they had no market evidence to support lower assessed values.  The reality is that as the EDPA is not listed on land titles, BC Assessment has no way of knowing if there have been impacts.  Further, as most owners and realtors are unaware of the bylaw, sales are taking place without EDPA disclosure.

We are now starting to see EDPA impacted properties, where disclosure took place, selling at prices dramatically below assessed value, and with very long times on the market.

I was wondering if you might have some time to meet to hear our concerns and discuss ways we can make Saanich understand the huge financial impact they have had on impacted property owners.

We are not against protecting the environment, but the bylaw does nothing of the sort. It has in fact created huge dis-incentives to protection at a very high cost.

Thank you.

Kevin Cuddihy
(Address supplied)

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