Repeated police training at Queenswood “contravenes permitted uses”

Barbara Raponi, Cadboro Bay Residents Association’s liaison with the University of Victoria, has written to the University following notice of an upcoming police training at the Queenswood site. 

Dear Peter,

This email is in response to the email I received on Sep. 2 from Erynn Sheardown.  CBRA is concerned that UVic seems to believe that they can routinely schedule events at the Queenswood property, as evidenced by the fact that they have assigned this duty to an individual.  As you are aware, the Municipality of Saanich has confirmed that any sort of training is not a permitted use under the current P-3 zoning for the property.  Below is the list of permitted uses, taken from Saanich’s zoning bylaw, page 1025-1:

While CBRA has not objected to the past two training sessions, we do not want UVic to start regularly scheduling events at the Queenswood property in contravention of the permitted zoning.  Therefore, we do not support the training on Sep. 29 and 30, and will be advising Saanich accordingly.

Yours sincerely
Barbara Raponi

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