Letters To the Board, Post

Re: 2345 Queenswood Dr.

 Dear Cadboro Bay Residents Association 

I am opposed to this Subdivision Application in its current form. It is not in keeping with the treed, semi-rural, and natural aspects of Queenswood which our neighbourhood values.

I support the recommendation which has been proposed by a group of residents who are close neighbours of 2345 Queenswood Drive:  

  1. RS12 Zoned lot/House ‘B’ on Annabern Crescent: House B should be designed and built as a bungalow in keeping with the two existing bungalows 
  2. 2) RS14 portion of lot on Queenswood: maintain the current RS14 zoning, NOT rezoning to two RS12 lots.
    I was very dismayed to read in the Saanich News that the approved development application for 2376 Arbutus Road will allow for the removal of 102 trees including 29 protected trees! 

This project should not have been given the green light to proceed.                     Best regards,

Yolande du Gardein-Matson

(Queenswood resident – address supplied)

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Queenswood development

I am writing to voice EXTREME opposition to the proposed ‘development’ at 2345 Queenswood Dr.

I live down the block, and have since 1988.  i have watched as old homes are torn down for new mansions, many removing old trees and as the years go on  the nature of the neighbourhood is changed. it is constant; never ending.

i am a dog walker, and frequently walk the little path that apparently marks the boundary of this proposed development.  i can’t imagine how this would work given the setback of the original house and to shove two more houses in there is a totally inappropriate inconsideration.

Sell and leave.  Develop and leave.  Really?  No one in the neighbourhood wants this

Thank you
Carolyn Showler

[address supplied; Queenswood resident]

P.S. How about a nice garbage can at the corner of Queenswood and Arbutus?  i have asked many times, no one replies……..how about fixing the potholes that all the construction trucks make and what about some calming initiatives.  The amount of raging cyclists on Queenswood is a disaster waiting to happen.  There should be a way to slow people down a bit!!  it is 50 times worse with the pandemic.

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Proposed Development at 2345 Queenswood Drive

Dear Mr. Dahli, I am one of the many residents strongly opposed to this proposal, and we have recently been informed that it’s important to bring CBRA into the matter. Several of us have already written to Saanich Planning, but we need to know that the rest of Cadboro Bay and Queenswood are also informed.I am including my letter to Liz Gudavicius of Saanich Planning, for your information. Many thanks for the work you do for Cadboro Bay.


Faye Ford

Dear Ms. Gudavicius

Further to my phone call and previous email requesting a postponement until the Covid situation is resolved, I would like to register my opposition to this development on the basis of habitat destruction.

The part of the subject lot backing onto Annabern Crescent is at present a wildlife habitat containing native trees such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and shrubs such as Salal, Ocean Spray, lots of Snowberry and many others. Looking at the property today I counted 3 large Douglas Fir trees, as well as smaller young ones and one large native Cedar as well as its offspring just over 8’ tall.
The CRD website https://www.crd.bc.ca/education/our-environment/ecosystems/terrestrial/coastal-douglas-fir  is well worth looking at for information on the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem, the smallest ecosystem of the 14 in British Columbia, and among the most imperilled. 

It would appear that the whole of our Queenswood neighbourhood is part of this very special ecosystem, with brings with it a vast array of sub shrubs in addition to those mentioned, as well as the precious micorrhizal fungi.The property is alive with birds and insect species, and there are even some fallen logs, potential ‘nurse logs’ for further support of wildlife in its smallest forms.  The mature front yard of 2345 Queenswood includes one giant pine tree that surely couldn’t survive the heavy excavation machinery , even if it were not taken down.

A few years ago, (4? 5?) your Saanich arborists were removing a hazard tree from the public walkway between Queenswood Drive and Annabern Crescent, which separates the properties of two of my neighbours, and one of my neighbours rushed out and yelled at them, “That tree is my privacy! I insist that you replace it with a tree in my yard!”  They dutifully complied, but sadly this is one of the many trees that will be removed if he gets his wish to subdivide his property.

I believe that we must act for the greater good, and preserving natural habitat and beauty are part of who we are in Saanich. I have been very proud of Saanich Planning Department and  Council in the past, such as when they prevented Uvic from razing the 15 acre Queenswood forest across the road. An urban forest is a treasure to keep for future generations, and this one is a gem in the crown of Saanich. All of the properties along Queenswood are treed and have natural areas of habitat left untouched, not destroyed by excessive development. It would be very sad to see 2345 Queenswood start a precedent of urbanization and habitat destruction as the applicant leaves the rest of us in his wake.
Respectfully submitted,

Faye Ford

[address and tel. no. supplied]

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Development Application at 2345 Queenswood Drive

Good evening,

I hope this finds you well. On behalf of local Queenswood residents, we wanted to follow up to see if Cadboro Bay Residents Council has a position on the Application for Subdivision at 2345 Queenswood Drive. My email reflects the query of 21 Queenswood owners.

In April, I copied CBRA on the background information for this proposed application. I was also present when the applicant presented to CBRA Council in 2018; however, it should be noted that there was not full disclosure on the part of the applicant at that time. Much information has come to light in the two years hence, including that the applicant wishes to subdivide, sell to a developer and move.  There are over 21 neighbours known to us, and probably many more, who do not support this development.

The application request at 2345 Queenswood Drive is for an additional two lots and two homes in addition to the current lot and dwelling for a total of three lots and homes. In addition, the applicant is asking for a variance to the backyard setback of the existing home to allow a new lot ‘B’ to be within 21’ of the existing large 5000’sq+ home. As well, the current residence will require two garages to be removed in order to allow room for the proposed third House ‘C’ along the communal pathway, resulting in the 5000sq’ existing home having an unusually small backyard with only a single garage. Realistically this would increase the likelihood that the existing older home would be torn down, without the benefit to neighbours of any design covenant. Without the backyard variance and the garages being removed this lovely existing house would be a great candidate to be remodeled and restored. The most significant issue for ourselves and neighbours is that the proposed lots and houses are situated awkwardly on the property, resulting in a massive negative impact on the privacy to the five immediate contiguous homes who either directly abut the existing property or side along the communal walkway. As a large 4200sq+’ house, the back of proposed House ‘B’ on Annabern would be at a unusual 90 degree angle to the back of our home and backyard; sadly we would lose the privacy which was a large part of the reason that we chose Queenswood to raise our family. Given the awkward placement, if a house had to be built on this lot ‘B’, we would ask that the house is a single story home in keeping with the other homes on the Crescent. This would serve to visually fit in with the four single story houses from the street to the left and to the right on Annabern, while lessening the negative impact to privacy of all concerned.

As well, the plans call for over 60 trees to be removed, including two protected trees with only two trees required to be replaced. The current lot has a mixed zoning of RS12 and RS14 and a lot line that runs through the existing home, which we understand Saanich may want to amend to two official lots. We do understand the dilemma this could pose for Saanich, so while we ideally do not want to see any development, we are aware about the possibility of Saanich approving for a second lot. However, we strongly oppose any argument for an additional third lot on this Queenswood property.  A third lot and house ‘C’ is in our view completely excessive and unneeded, and given the awkward proposed layout which has House ‘C’ squished between the communal walkway and existing house,  privacy and light for neighbours is significantly affected.

Queenswood is a unique, treed, countrified setting that prides itself on maintaining its natural environment with plenty of trees, intentionally no street lights and no sidewalks. Queenswood is not the Arbutus Corridor and we must support and maintain our rural settings for the enjoyment of locals, the greater community and the next generation, otherwise the damage will be done and the beauty is lost forever. Simply put it would be not be a welcome addition to have the precedent of developing a single lot into three lots in the Queenswood area.

As Cadboro Bay and Queenswood residents as well as CBRA members, we are asking for Council’s support in sending a message to Saanich Planning that the development at 2345 Queenswood is not supported as it is currently proposed, which is an ill-fitting three lot and three house subdivision necessitating the removal of 60 trees.  We invite CBRA Council to come to our property to view from the back, to see first hand the impact that this development would have on immediate neighbours in terms of loss of privacy and greenery. We contend that any proposal for one additional lot and house (not two) must: fit on the current property on Annabern Crescent in a such way as to keep the flow and privacy of the neighbourhood intact (single story home ideally), provide a design covenant to provide comfort to all affected neighbours and replace a larger portion of lost trees.  

We kindly thank you for your consideration of this matter and look forward to your reply.


Anne Kestell and Alan Nisbet

Queenswood Drive [address supplied] 


Queenswood: Fallen tree clear-up; noise disturbance expected

From Betsy McAra, Executive Administrator, UVic Properties:

We received notice of a fallen tree at Queenswood that affected some of the service lines on the property.  This tree will be cleared in the comings days so that Ocean Networks Canada and the construction schedule are not adversely affected.  

This is a courtesy email to inform the CBRA that there may be temporary noise disturbance during the tree cleanup. 


Queenswood: interior construction begins Nov 12th

Spencer Massie,Executive Advisor, Development, of UVic Properties Investments Inc., advises: 

Just wanted to update you and the CBRA that the interior tenant fit-out of the East wing of Queenswood will commence next week, Tuesday November 12th, with mobilization by Aral Construction.

As I previously mentioned, the project will complete the interior fit-out of the unfinished wing at 2474 Arbutus – the same building that Ocean Networks Canada is in. The East wing was left as shell space for a future tenant – and a research group that closely collaborates with ONC, from Environment & Climate Control Canada, will be moving in.

Use will remain Research and Office and this will be an interior fit-out only, as all the major building upgrades such as seismic and new site services were dealt with during the original project.

The original parking study allowed for full occupation of the building, so the only expected change is take-up of the existing spare capacity onsite, and we expect that additional occupants at Queenswood should further enhance security in dealing with the vandalism on site, which has since diminished but still occurring from time to time.

While most of the work is indoors, residents can expect to see contractors and vehicles on the site – and during various stages of the fit-out exterior areas will be marked out for bins and staging of materials – these should be avoided by residents as a safety precaution.

The project will run until the end of March 2020, with the move planned by mid-April.

I’ll provide regular updates during the project  – If any questions, please let me know.


Spencer Massie

Executive Advisor, Development

UVic Properties Investments Inc.

778 224-1022 O

250 886-3617 M


#2201 – 4464 Markham Street

Victoria, British Columbia

V8Z 7X8 Canada


Queenswood parking

thank you for this info.   i live on queenswood and walk almost daily in the neighbourhood.  someone must have convinced saanich a while ago, to put up no parking signs on guinivere in an attempt to keep people off the beach!  now they park on queenswood which is way worse, dangerous.  then recently i noticed the no parking signs all over and was wondering how that all came about as parking has never been a problem.  it is now.  i’m not sure how these things develop but i know no-one asked me and i have lived here for 30 years.  same with the guinivere parking where neighbours ntimated that there were parties on the beach etc.  pretty sure i would know about that since i live directly across the street and would hear cars coming and going and music etc. if it were a problem.
i often walk through the old queen ann property now ocean networks.  admittedly i have continued through there on weekends when no one was working and now it seems to quietly have opened for work.  you can’t tell really, as there are veeeeeery few cars in there, albeit a ton of parking signs.  it seems very unfair to charge for parking in there and a very easy fix to encourage their employees to park on their grounds.  they did the same thing at both adjoining hospitals which has also caused mostly street parking.  i obviously understand not wanting to pay for parking but at the new ocean networks site it seems particularly ludicrous and un neighbourly.
while i’m at it.  there used to be a garbage can at the bus stop at arbutus and queenswood which they took away some time ago and never replaced.  the next one is almost to finnerty, and then there are two!!  another one almost to the other end of arbutus then nothing til you get to the beach.  seems pretty easy but i have never really known to talk to about this
thanx so much for listening

carolyn showler


Goward House: our seniors have nowhere to park now

Gayle Millbank and Gail Branton of Goward House Society have cc’d the CBRA on a letter to Saanich Council about the state of street parking in the area since the opening of UVic’s Ocean Networks Facility in Queenswood: 

Dear Mayor and Council;

We are writing this letter on behalf of the Goward House Society.  We have concerns about the parking on the streets close to us, on Arbutus, Rowley and Queenswood.  

Since September when the University of Victoria opened the Ocean Networks Facility on the former Queenswood property, the streets have been crowded all day with parked cars.

Although there is more than enough parking on their site (albeit pay parking),  they are using the residential streets for the entire day to park their cars.  This is not in the neighbourhood spirit of parking for short periods of time in front of someone else’s house.  

Compounding this, when Saanich changed the parking signs along Arbutus Road about two years ago in front of the Queen Alexandra Hospital property those employees started parking all along Arbutus Road in front of Goward House and took up all the available parking there and on Rowley Road.

As well, there is now residential parking only on Queenswood  Road where the residents NEVER park on the street as they have huge driveways.  This means no one can park for an hour or so on that street.

It has been indicated by Saanich that Rowley Road is going to have the same residential only parking restrictions.  Goward House members, who are seniors, were using Rowley Road for overflow parking for short periods of time and usually only on Wednesdays. That parking is now completely full each day by 8:30 a.m., we believe, with the Ocean Networks Canada (UVIC) parking and the available on street parking on Arbutus Road is completely full each day by 8:30 a.m. with the employees of the George Pearkes Center at the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

There must be some way a compromise can be reached so that seniors attending Goward House for morning or afternoon programs can find a place to park.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter with you.


Gayle Millbank, Co-President, Goward House Society

Gail Branton, Co-President, Goward House Society.