EastSide Wastewater: update

This just in from EastSide Wastewater Committee: 

Here is the Latest:
Phase 1 of the Eastside public process wrapped up July 29, 2015.
A team of engineers is now analyzing several options based on a range of technical, environmental and social factors, including the feedback we heard from you through the first phase of public consultation.
We are planning the next phase of public outreach and will be coming to you later this fall for your feedback on things like costs and technical performance, the information you asked for! 

What is Being Studied by the Engineering Team? 

The Eastside Select Committee submitted three options to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) for further technical analysis: 

  1. A facility and system that could serve the whole region located in the Rock Bay area;
  2. A facility and system that could serve Oak Bay, Victoria and Saanich, located in the Rock Bay area; and
  3. A distributed system, which would include a number of smaller treatment plants and could serve the three municipalities.

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