New Village Sidewalk design tweaked after feedback

From Saanich District’s Engineering Department to Cadboro Bay Residents Association Chair, Eric Dahli:

 Good Afternoon Eric,

Once again thank you for taking the time to discuss our Cadboro Bay Sidewalk Improvement Project with us.  Our site visit and discussions with yourself on Aug. 28th was informative and has shed light on the values and needs of the area.

We have adjusted several aspects of our Cadboro Bay Sidewalk Project to align with our Aug. 28th discussions.  The adjustments also reflect responses from residents within the vicinity of the project as well as some businesses in the village area.

Attached is the updated concept design for the sidewalk upgrade on Cadboro Bay Road.  Design adjustments include the following:

1) Bus stop location (eastbound) – after discussions with the Business Improvement Association and some businesses the bus stop location will remain within the village area, between Sinclair Road and Penrhyn Street.  The bus stop will provide improved refuge space for transit users as well as a bus shelter.

2) Preservation of vegetation and trellis: In an effort to retain the existing trellis’ by the existing bus stop, as well as preserve as much existing vegetation as possible in this area, a rock retaining wall would be installed behind the new sidewalk.  The will allow the preservation of most of the vegetation in front of Pepper’s Foods.
Due to the new bus stop location, most of the vegetation closer to Penrhyn Street would require removal.  However, new growing space can be provided so that new plantings can be selected and installed.  We can work with Pepper’s Foods on this, whom are involved in maintaining the existing vegetation here.

It is expected that construction will commence late 2015 / early 2016.  We will provide notification to yourself as well as residents and businesses nearer to this time.

We would also like to acknowledge some concerns that were raised for the Penrhyn Street design.  Based on discussions with yourself and residents, there appeared to be concerns that a 1.8m wide sidewalk extension may not be sufficient to improve pedestrian safety due to the size of individual groups using Penrhyn Street as access to Gyro Park.  An alternative design was presented to the District of Saanich which was to consider a complete road upgrade, which would be a longer term plan.

This is much larger in scope than our intended sidewalk extension to Gyro Park.  In addition, the alternative design would be better suited when future developments in the area become more prevalent.  As such, the works on Penrhyn Street will be on hold until such future developments arise.  However, we have kept this alternative design in our records for future consideration.


Ivan Leung, P.Eng

Transportation Division
Engineering Department
District of Saanich
770 Vernon Ave.
Victoria BC  V8X 2W7

t. 250-475-5494 ext.3471
f. 250-475-5450

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