Saanich: Update on Gyro Park

Gary Darrah, Manager of Park Planning & Design, Parks Division
Parks and Recreation Department: 

The work to upgrade the parking lot and improve drainage is well underway. A lot of progress has been made but some major work still remains to complete the project. To summarize briefly;

  • There have been some delays in using the new gravel cell parking construction technique. This is a fairly new product and is   
  • Being used for the first time in Saanich.
  • Anticipated completion is early to mid December (weather dependent).
  • The temporary parking off Sinclair has been closed due to muddy conditions following this week’s rain.
  • Temporary gravel parking is being installed immediately along the gravel lane extending from the end of Penrhyn Street.
  • The Penrhyn gate will be opened for this temporary access.
  • Due to increasingly wet site conditions the temporary parking, wood chips, and fill piles will be re-landscaped in the spring.

More information can be found at the Saanich website

Or tel. 250-475-5522 ext. 5539 

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