“Only people in the EDPA required to control invasive species”


Ted Lea, a member of GOERT (Gary Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team), points out one aspect of the Environmental Development Permit Area (EDPA), via John Schmuck, Chair of the Saanich Community Association Network:

This is another part of the EDPA issue, it went through the ENA committee in May and will get to Council eventually.  Only people in the EDPA will be required to ‘control’ invasive species. For the rest of Saanich residents it is voluntary and will be encouraged.  This could be quite significant for larger properties. Significant fines exist that build with each day if actions are not done.  Saanich Parks and other Saanich lands are exempt from the Bylaw.

[… Excerpts from the ENA Report:] 

10. All properties must control invasive plants listed in Schedule B that are growing within any Environmental Development Permit Areas or Streamside Development Permit Areas contained in the District Official Community Plan Bylaw.

“Control” means to mow, trim, dig up, cover with mulch, pull, or cut below root crown, or install root barriers in order to, as a minimum, effectively not allow an invasive species to spread or reproduce by seed, vegetative growth, or by root systems.

Saanich Parks are exempt.

18. A person commits an offence who:

(a) violates a provision of this bylaw;

(b) consents, allows or permits an act or thing to be done in violation of a provision of this bylaw; or

© neglects to or refrains from doing anything required to be done by a provision of this bylaw.

19. A person is guilty of a separate offence each day that a violation occurs or continues to exist.

20. A person who commits an offence is liable on summary conviction to a fine not less than $250.

For the full report, click here

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