Please find the attached submission with regards to the 2015 draft campus plan from the Goward House Society, located at 2495 Arbutus Road,
located across from the Queenswood Property

Elaine Leonard,
Administrator, Goward House Society.

By email to:

Mr. Neil Connelly
Planning Dept.
University of

Re: University of
Victoria 2015 Draft Campus Plan

       We were particularly pleased to
read section 3.2.1 which states ‘This Plan envisions a renewed commitment to
the overall preservation and enhancement of existing natural areas on campus,
along with a further commitment to increasing the overall area of natural
landscape, canopy coverage, and ecological connectivity.’

   Though the above refers particularly to areas on campus, as the
plan goes on to refer in section 3.2.1.i. to ‘Perpetually Protected
Areas’ off campus as well, we assume that the University is interested in
preserving the long-term health of the habitat for local flora and fauna
on outlying properties as well.

      While we appreciate that the University’s
interest in the Queenswood property as outlined in section an
anticipation of the need for additional academic research and administrative
space over the long term….’ we wish to respectfully recommend the

      That the large forested area known as the
Queenswood property be reviewed with a view to protecting  a significant
portion with a designation that  would demonstrate the University’s
commitment to the preservation of woodland and also provide a guide  for
what part of the property would be available for future development.

      We thank you for your consideration.


David Eyles,
Chairman Goward House Society

cc: Cadboro Bay
Residents Association

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