Beach closed after drug paraphernalia found

In response to findings by CBRA Director Jerry Donaldson of drug paraphernalia on Gyro Beach, Doug Henderson, Director of Parks & Recreation Department at District of Saanich, responds

Gentlemen, thank you for the notice. We will try and get staff to post signage today, although if they aren’t able to attend, the early darkness will keep traffic down.  Crews will be there first this in the morning to scan the beach and clean up debris.

The Coast Guard is aware of the situation regarding any potential fuel spills.

If you are able to post a beach closure notice on your web site that would be helpful.  We will post a closure on social media.

Thank you

Doug Henderson
BA (Recreation/Business), MPADirector
Parks & Recreation Department
District of Saanich
780 Vernon Ave.
Victoria BC  V8X 2W7

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