Clarifications and corrections to EDPA interview on CFAX

In response to the CFAX February 22, 2016 interview with Pamela McCall-Deborah Curran

The subject interview of Professor Deborah Curran on the topic of the prevailing
Saanich EDPA By-law contains many incorrect or misleading statements. This
response is intended to provide the needed corrections and clarifications

Overall Comment:
A basic contention of the interview is that those opposing the present Saanich
EDPA wish to do away with the EDPA and wish to see ecosystem conservation
in Saanich dismantled and abandoned.

Response: Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, almost uniformly,
those concerned interest groups, neighbourhood associations and hoards of
individuals opposing the EDPA, support and endorse its basic initial conservation intent. The concern and opposition is to the irrational and unsupportable manner in the by-law is focused, structured and administered and to the unintended economic and social consequences now accruing to the District of Saanich and to the property owners of Saanich whether within or outside of designated EDPA areas.

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