Results of residents survey on proposed new Penrhyn St. townhouses


July 14, 2016

Dear CBRA Members:
The purpose of this letter is to provide the results of the Proposed Penrhyn Townhouse Development Community Survey, and the CBRA’s position with respect to the proposed development.
The developer Beaucore Holdings Ltd asked the CBRA for its input on the proposed townhouse development. The developer’s Project Manager, Mr. Johnson, presented information and plans to the board at the board meeting in March.

At the April board meeting, Mr. Johnson attended along with the Beaucore principal Mr. Beaulieu, and information and plans were again provided. Interested CBRA members attended both presentations.

Having reviewed the results of the Community Survey, and the information and plans provided, the CBRA board has voted not to support the proposed development. However, the CBRA invites Beaucore Holdings Ltd to provide revised plans and to continue to dialogue with CBRA in this matter

The Community Survey results can be seen here. Please note that the percentages sometimes do not add up to 100 due to rounding. Also, not every survey responder answered every question, so the total number of responses varies somewhat from question to question.
Best Wishes
Jerry Donaldson, Board Secretary

for Eric Dahli
CBRA Board Chairman

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