I am enclosing a letter I wrote to Mayor Atwood, Councillors, Paul Thorkelsson, Sharon Huozdanski and Adriane Pollard because I believe Saanich Enviromnental Services are stalling on the 80 applications to have properties removed from the EDPA map.   All have had inspections from registered biologists and followed procedures requested in the application forms.   

Nothing has been done, not even the courtesy of a reply for over 5 months.   

Now we hear that the stalling is continuing with a $50,000.00 with Diamond Head Consultants.   These properties have no native species on them and no ESA are  a part of their lands.  This is all very distressing to those 2200 property owners who are financially affected by this ill-thought out bylaw.  It will be very costly for all taxpayers if it becomes necessary to resort to legal action against the deliberate stalling of council and their employees.   This issue is not going to go away in the new year.   It is just beginning.
Mary Ross

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