Saanich Public Process Handbook available for download


From the District of Saanich: 

Did you know that at any given time,
throughout Saanich, there are projects underway that
require public input? These projects will impact where
you live, work and play.

Many of the important decisions that affect you,
your family and neighbours on a daily basis are
made at the local government level. The community,
as a whole, benefits when there is a strong working
partnership between citizens, Council and staff.

At the District we recognize that providing citizens with knowledge and tools about public process and encouraging public participation is an integral part of good governance. The more informed and involved citizens and community groups are, the
better able we are to build the community we want. Involving the public in discussions on
matters that affect them improves the quality of decisions made and ensures that diverse
opinions, information and experiences are considered in the decision making process.

We want to continue to strengthen this partnership with citizens and the community as a whole. Through this Public Process Handbook we will provide information about the
District and outline some strategies for how we can successfully work together. We want
to understand what is important to you. We would like to hear what you, your family,
neighbours, colleagues and friends value. We want to be made aware of the differing
perspectives on the many initiatives that the District undertakes.

It is important for all of us to be involved and we believe that this handbook is one way
to begin a conversation about future decisions as they will impact you, your family and

Download the Public Process Handbook here.

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