Report: Economic Impact of Saanich Environmental Development Permit Areas

G. P. Rollo & Associates (GPRA) has been retained by the District of Saanich to
investigate the economic impact of the Environmental Development Permit Area (EDPA) guidelines.

The following are highlights of the Study:

Study Findings

  1. Generally speaking EDPA land use and development guidelines are more
    restrictive than under pre-EDPA land use and environmental guidelines.
  2. There is quite a bit of confusion, uncertainty and misunderstanding regarding the
    impact of EDPA guidelines on land use and property development. There has
    not been enough time for the public to sufficiently understand the EDPA, despite
    efforts at public engagement, and this is causing concerns, some of which are
    justified but most of which are not. Lack of understanding also extends to
    realtors and developers. Further there are differences in opinions between
    environmental consultants themselves and between environmental consultants
    and the District which cause further confusion and misunderstandings regarding
    the merits and potential adverse impacts of the EDPA. The uncertainty has the
    potential to slow sales activity which may ultimately impact prices.
  3. GPRA has surveyed environmental guidelines in several BC municipalities to
    compare to those of Saanich. The results of these comparative analyses
    indicate: […] 

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