Revised Penrhyn St. townhouse development open to community comment till June 30


Chuck Bell, Planner at the District of Saanich, has sent the CBRA revised plans for the new proposed townhouses at 2590–98 Penrhyn Street, by developer M. H. Johnston & Associates Inc.: 

Re:      Application for Development:

Applicant: M. H. Johnston & Associates Inc.
Site Address: 2590, 2594, & 2598 Penrhyn Street

  • Lot 6 Block D Section 44 Victoria District Plan 1483
  • Lot Am 7 Block D Section 44 Victoria District Plan 1483
  • Lot Am 8 Block D Section 44 Victoria District Plan 1483

Folder No.: DPR00660; REZ00578
Description: To
Rezone From RS-10 (Single Family Dwelling) Zone To RT-FC (Attached
Housing Four Corners) Zone To Construct A 14 Unit Townhouse Development –
Referral 2

District of Saanich has received revised plans for a site within your
Community Association area.  The Planning Department is referring the
revised proposed plans and relevant information to your Community
Association for review and comment.  Please note that any requested
variances may be subject to change based on the Planners detailed review
of the file.

In a written letter or email to, please provide your comments to the Planning Department indicating if your Community Association:

  • Has no objection to the project
  • Generally has no objection with suggested changes or concerns
  • Does not support the project (please provide reason).

We would appreciate receiving your comments by June 30, 2017,
so that they can be included in the package that is forwarded to
Council.  If you cannot meet this time frame, please email or call our
office to indicate if and when you might be able to respond to the

If you require further information about the proposed development please contact Chuck Bell, Local Area Planner, at 250-475-5494, ext. 3467.

It is suggested that you periodically check our website, Active Planning Applications as any revised site plans for this application will be posted there.  


Chuck Bell


cc:       Clerks Department

CBRA Note: from initial inspection, it appears that the revised design is different only in that it contains two additional parking stalls. There is no change to the height, setbacks or
green spaces. For more details, see the full application package online

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