BCNR Association commends CBRA on derelict boat cleanup

Letter received from Rick Schnurr, Director of the BC Nautical Residents Association

Dear Mr. Dahli

The BC Nautical Residents would like to commend and thank the Cadboro Bay Residents Association for the initiative and effort put forward to clean the beach in Caddy Bay. We recognize that there is a great deal of garbage and litter on our beaches coming from a wide variety of sources. As residents of the marine environment, we are all concerned with controlling and eliminating those things that literally foul our waters and shorelines. That is why the BC Nautical Residents have taken a strong and early stance in advocating and supporting proposed legislation that would effectively deal with the problem of derelict and abandoned boats before they become a problem on our beaches and waterways. We sincerely hope that the current federal government will follow through and implement this legislation soon. 

I am attaching a position statement put forward by the BCNRA regarding derelict and abandoned boats for your information. Our organization also has a “live aboard code of ethics” that we encourage all responsible boaters to adopt. This document may be found on our web site at
The BCNR is dedicated to developing communication and liaison with community groups, municipalities and marinas, and other organizations to further positive interactions between all of us who appreciate and value our beautiful coastal waters.
Incidentally, our organization will also be spearheading a shoreline cleanup effort in September in Tsehum Harbour. Any advice or wisdom you gained in your cleanup of Caddy Bay would be welcomed.

Thank you,
Rick Schnurr
On behalf of the Directors
BC Nautical Residents

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