Proposed Subdivision 2766 Tudor Avenue

Members of the Board,

We write regarding the proposed subdivision of the lot at 2766
Tudor Avenue.  We live on Tudor Avenue, but we are not direct
neighbors.  However, we want to voice our objection to the proposal. 

believe that it is not consistent with the local area plan, as the lot is
less than 0.4
ha.  Ten Mile Point has a long history of having a rural ambience,
which is the basis for the large minimum lot size.  The Cadboro Bay
Local Area Plan notes “Reducing the minimum lot area requirements could
change the character of the area.”  

If permission for this infilling is
granted, it seems inevitable that there will be others who will also
want to cash in. I am sure there is a range of opinion on what should be
permitted, yet we thought it important that the Community Association
hear that some residents are very much against this proposal.  

I hope
the Association, which has a strong voice with Saanich Council, ensures
the matter is carefully considered.  


Robert Burke

Elizabeth Grant

CBRA’s response:

Thank-you for your message, this matter is on the agenda for our regular meeting to be held on July 12that 7 pm at Goward House, you may also wish to send your concerns to Ms. Liz Gudavicius , the approving officer at Saanich.

Yours Truly

Eric Dahli, Chair

Cadboro Bay Residents Association.

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