CBRA to Saanich: Please complete Sinclair Rd sidewalks

A letter sent to the District of Saanich by CBRA Chair, Eric Dahil, on Sunday, September 17, 2017 12:14 PM


Cadboro Bay  Residents Association, on behalf our members of the strata
council for Cadboro Heights  and all residents and students that use
Sinclair Rd  request the completion of  the much needed improvements to
the road and sidewalks.

The Problems

V1S 7139 is a bare land strata located on the steepest part of Sinclair
hill. When this strata was approved, the developer was required to
provide a sidewalk along the Sinclair frontage. This is the ONLY section
of sidewalk along the Sinclair frontage. In fact, it is the only
section of Sidewalk on the north side of the road between U-Vic and the
office building at 2558 Sinclair road, near the bottom of the hill. We note that the sidewalk at 2558 Sinclair only exists because the developer at 2558 Sinclair installed it in 2000 as a condition of the development permit.  

is no safe and convenient place for any pedestrians including the
strata residents and residents of Pitcome Place to walk either up or
down the hill on the north side of Sinclair Road. Further down the hill,
illegally parked cars impede pedestrians.  In addition garbage and
litter add to  this unsafe passageway.

sidewalk on the south side of Sinclair Road is broken and uneven.  To
cross to the south side from Cadboro Heights is very dangerous due to
the traffic coming over the top of the hill.  In addition to the
sidewalk issue, the road surface itself is broken and unsafe for both
vehicles and pedestrians.  

Increasing numbers of pedestrians are walking up and down Sinclair Road. We are very concerned for pedestrian safety.

Planned Upgrades to Sinclair Road

are aware that Stage 4 of the Sinclair Road Upgrade was in the concept
drawing phase in 2013 and Saanich Engineering intended to consult with
the public again in late 2013/early 2014 and construction was to be
undertaken in 2014 or 2015.  The upgrade was to include the extension of
bike facilities, sidewalks and improved driveway access as part of
Saanich’s Complete Street road Upgrade Projects.

Strata Council for VIS 7139 followed up with Saanich Engineering in
2015, 2016, and 2017.  In 2015, Saanich Engineering indicated that a
firm timetable for Stage 4 had not yet been set.  In 2016, Saanich
Engineering did not respond to a request for an update.  In 2017,
Saanich Engineering stated this:

“The Sinclair project, to extend the recent upgrades on McKenzie Road
from the roundabout to Cadboro Bay Village is still planned and included
in the current 5 Year Transportation Capital Program.  It has however,
been deferred for a few years to allow the proposed Shelbourne Valley
Action Plan short term improvements to proceed…  If approved by Council
the SVAP will result in other capital projects being deferred for 4 or 5
years or so but still planned to be undertaken.”


wait several more years still is far too long and too dangerous when
the need for this upgrade was identified years ago.  Possible interim
solutions before the full upgrade begins ought to include at least the

  1. Finish the north sidewalk from the crest of the hill to the Village
  2. Fill in the pot holes on Sinclair Road below the crest
  3. Install traffic speed measurement signs to slow traffic both downhill and uphill
  4. Lower the speed limit prior to the hill in both directions to 30 kph
  5. Install a pedestrian controlled crosswalk either above the crest of the hill or below, prior to the Village
  6. Vigorously enforce the existing, posted “no parking” restriction on the north side of the Sinclair Road

We look forward to discussing this matter with you in detail at an early opportunity.

Yours truly,

Eric Dahli, Chair

Cadboro Bay Residents Association

  • Cc:  UVic
  • Cc:  P. Thorkelsson
  • Cc  J. Eades, Strata Council

Monday, September 18, 2017 5:40 AM: reply from Saanich

To: ‘Eric Dahli’ <>
Subject: RE: Parking on Sinclair Road Hill

Good Morning,

The procedure for  parking complaints in progress is report same to Saanich Police non-emergency phone number 250-475-4321, if iam on duty I will be dispatched or a officer will attend. In the meantime I will patrol this area.

Barry Popejoy

Saanich Police

CBRA’s response: 

Thank-you for your prompt reply and attention to our concerns about these safety related issues.

Eric Dahli, Chair

Cadboro Bay Residents Association

Response from Kristi Johnson of the Engineering Department, District of Saanich

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 9:45 AM

Thank you for your email Mr. Dahli,

We will be discussing this issue at our next Administrative Traffic Committee (ATC) meeting scheduled for Tuesday October 17, 2017.

ATC is an internal technical committee consisting of senior members
from our Saanich Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit, our Director
of Engineering (Chair), the Manager of Transportation, technical staff
and co-chaired by a Saanich Councillor.

will take your concerns regarding Sinclair Road Hill into consideration
and you will be further contacted with our findings and any actions
that may be recommended by the ATC.


Kristi Johnson

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