Beached boats: update

Eric Dahli, Chair of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association and Co-Founder of the Dead Boats Society, reports: 

Starting at 8 am on a sunny  and calm Wednesday in Cadboro Bay, the sailing vessel 7-LO was pulled off the beach by
C-Tow. This boat was on the beach near the 10 mile point end of the

C-Tow then turned their attention to the much larger (10 ton)
vessel at the other end of the bay, near the Oak Bay border. The first
attempt with both C-Tow boats hooked up and pulling, resulted in a
snapped tow line.  A Coast Guard zodiac on stand-by,  hooked up and
with 3 Zodiacs and 1,200 horsepower ( 6 X 200hp outboard motors )  the
vessel was floated off the beach—much to the relief of the live-aboard

In both instances vessel ownership details  and contact numbers assisted in a quick and safe  removal.

As for the third boat on the beach—which according to some beach walkers is a “repeat
offender”, as it was found up  on the beach in the past—the Dead
Boats Society is trying to locate the owner, and if anyone in receipt of
this message has any information concerning the ownership of the “red
boat”, it would be appreciated.

Thanks very much to the Coast Guard for the extra  help to-day.

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