Saanich information on tsunamis

From the page on Tsunamis on the District of Saanich website: 

Our greatest chance of a damaging tsunami will follow a major earthquake—in the range of magnitude 9.0—off the coast of Vancouver Island. Earthquakes are common in B.C. We record more than 1,200 earthquakes each year, and most are too small to feel.

  • Like earthquakes, tsunamis can happen any time or any day.
  • We can’t predict a tsunami before one is generated.
  • They usually arrive as a series of waves.
  • Each wave may arrive minutes apart.

More information

Saanich tsunami brochure and map  [PDF – 1.3 MB]
Tsunami FAQ [PDF – 208 KB]
Saanich is located in Tsunami Zone D [PDF – 731 KB]
Emergency Management BC (EMBC) Twitter tsunami notifications
Tsunami Smart publication [PDF – 2 MB]
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