CBRA Board meeting, Wed Feb 14, 7pm

Cadboro Bay Residents Association Board Meeting 
7:00 pm, Wednesday, February 14, 2018 
at Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 1V9 

CBRA members are welcome to attend all CBRA board meetings 


  1. Call to Order 
    1. Motion to approve agenda. 
  2. Approval of minutes 
    1. Motion to approve the January 10, 2018 board meeting minutes.  
  3. Chair’s Report  
  4. Treasurer’s Report   
  5. Committee Reports 
    1. UVic. Liaison Committee 
    2. Emergency Preparedness Task Force  
    3. SCAN Committee 
    4. Lower Penrhyn Committee 
      1. Turning circle 
      2. 3605D Cadboro Bay Road 
      3. Osprey 
    5. Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan Committee 
    6. Saanich Parks Advisory Group: 
      1. Phyllis Trail 
      2. Haro Woods
    7. Core Area Liquid Waste Water Liaison 
    8. Upper Sinclair Road Improvements Committee 
      1. Saanich Finnerty Road Cycling and Pedestrian Improvement Project 
  6. Old Business   
    1. Proposed Stratification of 2614 Queenswood 
    2. The CBRA website BARBARA 
    3. Hydro and Telus Boxes DAVE 
    4. E&O Insurance for the Board  ROB 
    5. Frank Hobbs Playground Committee ERIC O. 
    6. Tract of Land Entrance to 10 Mile Point  MICHAEL 
    7. Cadboro Bay Rd/Lauder Rd Bus Stop (Mrs Milton’s letter) 
    8. Request from Paul Thorkelsson, Saanich CAO to make presentation to Board in March 
    9. Bulletin Board 
  7. New Business 
    1. Application to Saanich Design Review Panel  2625 Sinclair Road  by A. Hamilton, Cadboro Bay Sailing Association, for a replacement boathouse for the Cadboro-Gyro Park Sailing Club.  
    2. Proposed rezoning of 2345 Queenswood 
    3. UVic presentation: proposed new student residence on main campus 
  8. Adjournment 

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