Hobbs Street storm drain

[copy of letter addressed to Saanich Engineering]

I live at 2558
Killarney Road, just around the corner from the work being done by Don
Mann Excavating the last couple of weeks on Hobbs Street.  It looked
like the engineering work was to construct a storm drain at 3813
Hobbs and connect it to the municipal storm drain on Sinclair.  I am
wondering why you didn’t install a grated storm drain inlet near the
corner of Hobbs at Sinclair, to capture the rain runoff that flows down
Hobbs to the corner? Before the construction began, there was a small
culvert at the corner capturing the road runoff.  However, Don Mann dug
that up and it’s now gone.  (There was a Saanich crew doing a fix-up on
this a month or so ago.  You had an excavator digging it up, and you
installed a new culvert, so you are aware of surface runoff issue at
this corner)

Don Mann got done today.  It started to rain today
(and not very much rain).  You can see in the attached photos that the
road runoff from Hobbs now just pools at the manhole, which is where the
culvert connecting to the storm drain used to be.  It seems like it’s
going to be an ongoing problem.  During periods of heavy rain, there is a
lot of water that flows down Hobbs to the corner.  Without a way to get
the water into the storm drain, it will just flood-out the corner.

Also, as an observation, the manhole installed on the boulevard in front of 3813 Hobbs is puzzling.   It is set about 1+m below what was the grade elevation.  


Allan Chapman, MSc, PGeo


Hobbs and Sinclair, looking up Hobbs towards Killarney (Feb 16).  Rain
runoff flows down the road surface on Hobbs to the corner of Sinclair.  
There was a small culvert at the corner, directing the runoff into the
storm drain.  That is now gone following the Don Mann work.  The runoff today
(from a small amount of rain), is pooling around the manhole.  You
should look at installing a sump with a grated inlet on Hobbs near the
Sinclair corner, and directing it to the new manhole.  Otherwise, the
Don Mann work this week is going to result in a chronic flooding problem
at the corner.

Hobbs, looking down to Sinclair (Feb 16).  You can see how the runoff
from Hobbs Street is eroding the new fill and pooling around the new
manhole.  This is from just a small amount of rain today.  It will be a mess during heavy rain events

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