Derelict & fouling boats: news, and how to report

Eric Dahli, Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association and Co-founder of the Dead Boats Society, writes: 

Should you spot a beached boat, or a boat that is fouling the bay, contact either of the following: 

Coast Guard: 1-800-889-8852 
Provincial Emergency Program (PEP): 1-877-952-7277 (or #7277 from your cellphone)
Ask for a file number
Record the name of the person you reported the incident to
Ask for a Status Report both by a return phonecall and by email
us (Eric Dahli 250-477-7381) so we can follow up and put a plan in
place with other agencies ( Saanich and Oak Bay Municipalities, our MLA
C-Tow, RVYC Ralmax etc)

When you call either of these numbers, please ensure
that after you have reported what you have seen or are watching in “real

[February 20, 2018: Gerald Graham adds: You can also report online directly to the Receiver of Wrecks at Transport Canada in
Vancouver, at ]

With regard to the “red boat” on the beach and the one which has sunk to the bottom: we have applied to the Registrar of Wreck to take ownership and have them removed. We will be working with C-Tow and Ralmax on the final removal and disposal. We are hoping that we can get this paperwork approved on the “old” system. The Federal Government’s new program has new procedures and of course new Forms. We hope that we are not stuck in limbo between the new and the old. Stay tuned for updates at either of these websites:

Finally we are tracking down the owner of the Helliomare and hopefully we can convince them to stop polluting Cadboro Bay.  If Helliomare returns,  please call the numbers above and me at 250-477-7381  so that we can come and take pictures and perhaps have a “special moment” with the owner(s).

Thanks for caring about Cadboro Bay

– Eric Dahli, Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association and Co-founder of the Dead Boats Society

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