Boats #2 & #3 not yet removed

Boat # 3 is now on the beach on the Oak Bay side of Cadboro Bay (see photo attached). This new arrival has been reported to the Coast Guard*

Today C-Tow attempted to pull #2 off the beach without success, will try again with another high tide.  Hopefully the owner of #3 will take steps to have it removed before the Dead Boats Society takes ownership via the Registrar Of Wreck.

They laughed when we said that Cadboro Bay was like the “Wild West” when it came to Boats in the Bay.

– Eric Dahli
Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association 
Co-founder of the Dead Boats Society

*Thanks to Bay Watch Member #3555 for reporting

**Watch for the formal  announcement of the recently formed group of citizens of Cadboro Bay, called Cadboro Bay Watch.

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