Outcome of the “Clean Cadboro Bay” meeting, Feb. 26


Attendees:  See List

Outcomes and Actions:

  1. Coast Guard & BC Lands will apprise the participants of various related initiatives as they arise.
  2. Volunteers
    will prepare an inventory of boats moored and/or at anchor in Cadboro
    Bay, and of moorage buoys present in Cadboro Bay.  A preliminary  
    inventory has been commenced by Ian Hinkle (see note below) to determine
    the numbers, locations, status and state of existing buoys, and any
    indication of ownership.
  3. Volunteers
    will place an “identification request brochure” on each of the vessels
    moored and anchored in Cadboro Bay, containing a brief advisory note and
    fill-in sheet on the value to the owner of community and officials
    knowing the contact for the boat in the event of a of a distress event
    while moored or at anchor. A draft contact sheet will be prepared and
    circulated for comment.
  4. Participating Community Associations
    will contact residents who have a view of Cadboro Bay requesting them
    to report various vessel related issues under the auspice of “Cadboro
    Bay Watch”.  A draft contact information sheet will be prepared and
    circulated for comment.
  5. Draft
    signage for placement at intervals on Cadboro Bay beach by both the
    Municipalities of Saanich and Oak Bay will be prepared and circulated
    for approval. Once  approved these will be posted by both
    Municipalities. For Example: 
    Call CANADA COAST GUARD 1-800-889-8852
  6. The
    next meeting will be called at the discretion of the Chair or upon
    request of participants. It will be hosted by the Oak Bay Municipality.

Thanks to RVYC for hosting this first meeting

– Eric Dahli, 

Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association and 
Co-Founder, Dead Boats Society

Note from Ian Hinkle

Dated : February 28,2018

There appear to be 16 buoys currently in Cadboro Bay that do not conform to Transport Canada regulations.

  • 6 of these buoys currently have boats attached.
  • Only 1 of the 16 buoys has contact information on it.

Photos (with GPS data) can be seen here

I will send these, with a list of notes & GPS data, to the Receiver of Wrecks with a request that they take action.

Note of interest for the group:

  • While
    Transport Canada perhaps can have these removed if a buoy is
    non-conforming to existing regulations, but it should be considered that
    not all of these non-conforming buoys necessarily present additional
  • Some
    of these buoys may in fact have better ground tackle and chain than
    older/non-maintained buoys that appear to meet TC regulations at the
  • A
    few full-size “conforming” buoys, for instance, have broken free during
    recent winter storms with vessels gone ashore, due to a chain/shackle failure usually at the sea-floor.
  • That
    said, it is my opinion that most of the boats that get blown ashore
    locally are primarily: either poorly anchored, or have been attached to
    small buoys/moorings with under-sized and insufficiently maintained
    ground tackle.

I will follow-up with a complete survey next week of all vessels currently anchored & on buoys in the bay.



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