CBRA Letter to Saanich re Sinclair Rd.

Letter sent by the Cadboro Bay Residents Association, to the District of Saanich, on Sinclair Rd: 

May 25,2018

Dear Mayor  & Council

Subject: Sinclair Road Hill, Saanich BC

The severely
degraded and dangerous condition of the subject road was  the main topic dominating the ”Q & A”
session following the presentation by Community Planner Silvia Exposito
concerning the renewal of the Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan at the recent AGM of
the CBRA

An array of
general and specific concerns were
expressed in the areas of pedestrian and cycling safety. Further in this
regard, the current condition of the road for vehicle traffic was repeatedly
shared among the 70 + members in attendance.

the recent announcement of campus accommodation for an additional 600 students
and the focus of both the University and the Municipality’s Bicycle and
Pedestrian Mobility Advisory Committee to create safe cycling and pedestrian
environments both increase the risk and fear of accident and serious injury
when pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks and buses all concurrently attempt to
navigate among each other on Sinclair Road in its present state.

We are aware
that the scope and budget for full repair and upgrade of Sinclair Road from
Finnerty Road to Cadboro Bay Road was approved by Saanich Council some time ago,
but somehow disappeared from the books and was never implemented.

It is
certainly now time that this be brought forward and undertaken without further

The Cadboro
Bay Residents Association in partnership with the Cadboro Bay Business
Improvement Association respectfully requests a meeting to have the
aforementioned concerns addressed in a positive and constructive and
expeditious manner.

Yours truly,

Dahli, Chair

Bay Residents` Association

Cadboro Bay BIA

      Allison Noble, Associate Director,
Office of Community and Government Relations U-Vic

Exposito, Community Planner, Saanich

Thorkelsson, Chief Administrative Officer, Saanich

Machielse, Director of Engineering, Saanich

Hvozdanski, Director of Planning. Saanich



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