Call for Haro Woods Monitors

While Saanich Parks works to complete the management plan for Haro Woods, they are implementing interim measures including installing identification signs at key entrances and trail junction points. The Cadboro Bay Residents Association and the Friends of Haro Woods, working with the Saanich Parks, establish a monitoring program. This program will track and repair damaging activity on Saanich property. Damage to land owned by the CRD and U-Vic will also be monitored and reported.  The types of information to be gathered and the reporting procedures will be outlined prior to your assignment.

We are inviting volunteers to assist with this program. 

Volunteer monitors would call in or email their reports which should include the approximate locations of activity for follow up by Saanich Parks staff, the CRD or U-Vic. There should be at least one volunteer reporting at regular intervals which remains to be determined.  A list of volunteers will be made available should you require an alternate to complete your assignment should you be unable to do so. It is anticipated this would involve between 4 to 6 persons.

Monitors are not to engage in enforcement or confrontation. Reports of activity on the CRD or U-Vic parcels will be forwarded to the appropriate representatives.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer monitor is asked to email Mr. Bill Dancer (or phone him at 250-721-5273) by the end of July for more information,.  

Eric Dahli, Chair

Cadboro Bay Residents Association

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