Re: Haro Woods

Hi Eric,

A member let me know that you would like me to share the email we sent to Gary with you.  We would love to work closely with the CBRA but we still do not know where the CBRA stands on Haro Woods.  Will the CBRA support Friends of Haro Woods and ask for a ban on BMX biking in Haro woods?    Recently there has been increased damage. During the monitor tour with Saanich we were informed that the work to protect the trees is only temporary and they admitted it was not sufficient.  Saanich has added another yard of soil to the forest wich the jumpers have been enjoying and spreading around for their jumps.  Becky has let me know the soil is not sterile which is another concern. At this point, I have very little faith in any proper restoration taking place if BMX biking is allowed.

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I have noticed you were not included in monitor emails I will try to include the CBRA in all of my correspondence with Becky regarding the monitoring of Haro Woods as this is a joint effort with the CBRA, Saanich and Friends of Haro Woods.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall in Cadboro Bay


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