Re: Board of Variance Sept 12, 2018

Good morning Eric,  

We filled the room with neighbours last evening and were prepared. The new home owners sensed the storm of disapproval over the height and roof design. They with drew the roof Variance application and elected to go forward with a flat roof for the sake of the neighbours behind them. I sense Kari sensed she was not on the winning side of that one and would have to live next door to many unhappy folks.   

We proceeded on the other 3 Variances and they were approved as it is an old narrow lot according to the Variance Board members. As well they approved the Variance on the pool and glass in front of the house by the beach!! It was all hardship reasons, they concluded. 

They have to reappear before the Variance in the near future to provide an updated plan to show and prove that the roof complies with the 5 metre height. We shall keep a close eye on this process, and re-attend at that date. 

The Chair Person was a very fair and even-handed woman who asked some very pointed questions, and called for the designer to hopefully do a better job consulting with the neighbours.   

Thank you again for support.   If the is anything interesting going on please include me on your email list.   

Interested in Our Residents Association   

Richard Vincent 

Waring Place 

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