All Candidates Meeting: summary

September 26, 2018

All 22 candidates standing for election on October 20th were invited. Only David Shebib, a candidate for Mayor, did not attend.

After half an hour of greeting the public by the candidates at the entrance to the sanctuary, the meeting began with opening remarks and acknowledgements by CBRA Chair Eric Dahli. The Chair was then turned over to Rob des Trois Maisons as the Moderator.

Each Candidate for Council was given 2 minutes to introduce themselves. Questions (submitted in advance by Cadboro Bay residents) were then put to individual candidates based on random draws. Questions were on a wide variety of topics related to Cadboro Bay, Saanich and the CRD, including amalgamation, Haro Woods protection, sewage, deer population, speed limits on roads, Cadboro-Gyro Park, trees and green space protection and village densification. The Candidates were then given 1 minute for closing remarks.

The same order was then followed with the three Candidates for Mayor, but with more time for opening and closing remarks.

The audience was then invited to put questions to the Candidate or Candidates of their choice.

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