Update on bike jumps in Haro Woods

David Minty of the Friends of Haro Woods reports: 

Just wanted to let you know that I verified on Saturday that 3 jumps or ramps were removed from the UVic/Saanich border area of the Haro Woods. It seems to be a contentious area, as the bikers like the large drop off there for their jumps.
On Friday evening (Sept. 21), a group of bikers were again digging in the same approximate area, although I couldn’t determine exactly where they were.
I knew that Saanich staff were gone for the weekend so I took the liberty of calling UVic security to perhaps send someone out to see.
The digging stopped shortly thereafter, so I assume that UVic did attend. I called UVic security today and they said that somebody probably did attend but that information was privileged and I would need to fill out a FOI request as to what occurred.

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