Goward House: our seniors have nowhere to park now

Gayle Millbank and Gail Branton of Goward House Society have cc’d the CBRA on a letter to Saanich Council about the state of street parking in the area since the opening of UVic’s Ocean Networks Facility in Queenswood: 

Dear Mayor and Council;

We are writing this letter on behalf of the Goward House Society.  We have concerns about the parking on the streets close to us, on Arbutus, Rowley and Queenswood.  

Since September when the University of Victoria opened the Ocean Networks Facility on the former Queenswood property, the streets have been crowded all day with parked cars.

Although there is more than enough parking on their site (albeit pay parking),  they are using the residential streets for the entire day to park their cars.  This is not in the neighbourhood spirit of parking for short periods of time in front of someone else’s house.  

Compounding this, when Saanich changed the parking signs along Arbutus Road about two years ago in front of the Queen Alexandra Hospital property those employees started parking all along Arbutus Road in front of Goward House and took up all the available parking there and on Rowley Road.

As well, there is now residential parking only on Queenswood  Road where the residents NEVER park on the street as they have huge driveways.  This means no one can park for an hour or so on that street.

It has been indicated by Saanich that Rowley Road is going to have the same residential only parking restrictions.  Goward House members, who are seniors, were using Rowley Road for overflow parking for short periods of time and usually only on Wednesdays. That parking is now completely full each day by 8:30 a.m., we believe, with the Ocean Networks Canada (UVIC) parking and the available on street parking on Arbutus Road is completely full each day by 8:30 a.m. with the employees of the George Pearkes Center at the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

There must be some way a compromise can be reached so that seniors attending Goward House for morning or afternoon programs can find a place to park.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter with you.


Gayle Millbank, Co-President, Goward House Society

Gail Branton, Co-President, Goward House Society.

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