Results from Cordova Bay Community Visioning survey

(Letter to Michael Tripp, CBRA Director) 

Hi Michael:

In follow up to our phone conversation on Friday,here is the status of the Cordova Bay LAP update project.

Community visioning has completed, with a special session recently completed for the 50 and under demographic. Not surprising, the 50 and under demographic were more interested and accepting of change than the senior demographic. The results of the visioning and community engagement is posted on the Saanich website.

Upcoming are the Transportation Workshop on November 8th, Community Amenities & Natural Areas Workshop in early December,and the Housing and Land Use Workshop in January 2019.

In speaking with Pam Hartling on Fridayafternoon, she reiterated that the updated LAP will align with the 2008 OCP. As stated on the Saanich website “On September 11, 2017,Council approved a program to update all Saanich Local Area Plans.The updated plans will help provide direction for growth and change in neighbourhoods and implement the directions of the Official Community Plan.”

The updated LAP will address the entirety of Cordova Bay, with special attention to the ‘Village Core”.

Pam said the process was on track and that the 1stdraft of the updated LAP will be available for review in early February.

Kind regards,

Larry Gontovnik, 
Cordova Bay Community Association

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