Gyro Park #10 in world’s most unique playgrounds

From Gary Darrah, Manager, Park Planning, Design & Development at District of Saanich:

A recent online posting rates the playground in Cadboro-Gyro Park as one of eleven unique playgrounds around the world that families may want to experience and travel to enjoy.

Coming in at #10 the article highlights the Octopus and Cadborosaurus climbing structures, as well as the zipline in Cadboro-Gyro Park.

Other parks in the list are in Ireland, Denmark, Japan, Wales, Philippines and the US. We are the only park from Canada. Types of playgrounds vary from play equipment with set themes (one styled to Wizard of Oz another shaped like a birds nest), to unstructured play lots full of boxes, old tires and pallets through to a large climbing structure made up of 96 separate platforms in the shape of a Celtic dragon. Pretty impressive locations on display.

Playgrounds featured represent a mixture of truly unique elements that incorporate both aesthetic looks as well as fun and functional design for children to use.

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