Saanich: water mains flushing starting Friday, Dec 7

From John Garnett, of Public Works Division Engineering Department, District of Saanich: 

Attention Homeowner:

Saanich Waterworks will be flushing the water mains in your area, starting Friday, December7th, 2018, Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (weather permitting).

You may experience temporary discolouration and/ or reduced water pressure as a result of water main flushing on your street.  This discolouration is not a health hazard, strictly aesthetic.

Saanich Waterworks will notify you when the flushing has been completed in your area.

Temporary discolouration and/or low water pressure?

What can you do?

  • Run an outside tap or cold water tap in your bathtub until the water is clear.
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets usually have screens which may become clogged due to the discoloured water.
  • Minimize consumption until water runs clear.

The District of Saanich accepts no liability for inconvenience or damages caused by low pressure or discoloured water use during its flushing program.

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