Unidentified sailboat beached


A sailboat has beached on Gyro Beach this morning. 

No identification on the boat of any kind.  The Coast Guard has been also notified, and the RVYC was also contacted to see if it was one of theirs.  No response so far. If any reader can identify it, please contact Eric Dahli of the Dead Boats Society. 


Saanich is planning on putting Do Not Cross tapes up around the boat.  Please keep your kids from climbing aboard and playing pirate.  

Thanks to Ian for the message and  to Jerry for the original call this morning.  

Update from Eric Dahli (CBRA Chair), Dec 22, 1pm: 

I am advised of the following:

  1. The owner has been in touch with the Coast Guard
  2. The owner has advised he will hire a tug to pull this very heavy Ferro cement boat off the beach.
  3. A neighbour  removed fuel and flammables from the boat earlier to-day.
  4. It appears that someone has been onboard both nights, removing items ( solar pane and yet to be determined articles from below deck.

If you are down on the beach and see someone on the boat, please check and see if they are the owner and if you can, get some contact information.

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