Neglected corner at Killarney-Hobbs-Cadboro Bay Rd.

Dear Sirs
    My name is Gordon Wallace and my wife Deanna and I live at [address supplied] and my email address is [supplied]. 

The purpose of this letter is to hopefully enlist your office to encourage Saanich Parks to undertake cleanup of the vegetative mess at the junction of that portion of Killarney running westerly to Hobbs and Cadboro Bay Road. This corner is only one block from the Village, and is passed each day by literally hundreds of vehicles and numerous pedestrians, of which I am one. The extent of overgrowth of ivy has increased every year since we moved here in 1994 and if my observation is correct not a single man-hour of effort has been expended during that time to cleanup this mess.

   Last spring I personally contacted the Parks Dept.—and although I was treated very respectfully and do believe that they visited the site, no work was done to alleviate the situation. In an ideal world it would be nice to have the ugly poplar tree, ivy and all shrubs completely removed and the area attractively landscaped. Mystic Vale creek runs just behind the poplar tree and at some time in the past the bed and walls of the creek have been neatly ‘rocked in”, presumably by municipal workers, and wouldn’t it be refreshing to have this visible? 

Saanich has completed similar works in numerous locations within its boundaries, but I don’t believe any exist in  Cadboro Bay. At the least the poplar tree should be severely trimmed and a real effort undertaken to control the ivy. 

   I do hope that once you have investigated this situation that you will agree that this corner is an eyesore which should be worked on.         

Gordon Wallace

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