Beached boat removed


CBRA director Jerry Donaldson reports the removal of the most recent beached boat at Gyro Beach:

On Monday,  January 28, 2019 the C-Tow marine salvage company attended at Cadboro Bay Beach shortly after high tide to attempt to re-float  the  Sunrise—the 37 foot ferro-cement sailboat that broke loose from its mooring and washed ashore in mid-December,  2018.  Representatives from Environment Canada as well as a team  from the Canadian Coast Environmental Response Program were also in attendance.

The Sunrise’s diesel fuel tank was pumped out ahead of time, and there was no significant spillage of fuel or other pollutants during the removal effort.

Four C-Tow boats plus the Environment Canada boat – five boats in all – managed to pull the Sunrise off the beach at 11 am.  Damage to the hull was less than expected and the owner reports that the boat was successfully towed to a facility where it was secured and hopefully will be restored to full operational status.
CBRA wishes to express its appreciation to all involved in this successful recovery effort.  We would also especially like to thank Ian Hinkle for his efforts in the early days of this grounding, in removing chemicals, batteries and fuel containers in order to minimize environmental damage.  
We wish the Sunrise owner fair winds and a following sea going forward!

CBRA Chair Eric Dahli adds: 

It took 5 boats and 1200+horsepower to get this HEAVY old gal off the beach today. After a month aground in Caddy Bay, she came off like slowly pulling off a band aid. There was some water ingress, but manageable, and she’s out of the water now and hopefully will sail again. Thanks to Scott and Evan from C-Tow Nanaimo, my crew Ian, Ian and Mike, and to the Coast Guard Environmental Response crew for removing fuels and lending a hand!


The successful removal follows months of coordination talks with Saanich Parks and the boat’s owner, who has been as cooperative as possible. Earlier this month, it was determined that removal of the boat by crane was not workable, so the owner – with the help of CBRA directors – dug out the damaged part of the hull and applied a concrete patch, so the boat could be pulled off the beach with a tug.


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